Sustainable Forestry

Wood is a renewable and recyclable resource and we recognize that to be the first of Puerto Rico’s hardwood distributors, we have an obligation to minimize our impact by making the environment an ongoing component of our business decisions. Sustainability isn’t just a marketing device; it is a practice that will ensure the future of our business. As a woodworker in today’s world it is of benefit to your business to demand wood that has been responsibly sourced and harvested. You can be assured that all hardwood products you buy from us are from legal and sustainable sources. We aim to create a new paradigm in Puerto Rico that stimulates learning about sustainable biospheric practices, and encourages practical sustainable forest and resource management, in a country where forest cover has been on the increase for the last several decades. It is one of very few countries in the world that has such a claim. The task of reclaiming this wood and to give it value is something necessary and not being done. Some species of the timber we sell are from trees planted 30 years ago on the land operated by Tropic Ventures Sustainable Forestry Project in Patillas in the south east of the island (more info here). Other timber comes from the reclaiming of woods from trees being cut down in urban zones, where at present, the wood is likely to end up in land-fill. Why is that? Puerto Rico has not had a timber industry, and with the deforestation of the island over the last couple of centuries, the interest and value of wood has almost completely disappeared. However, with a decline in agriculture and increase in forests to 65%, Puerto Rico now has the capacity to supply some hardwoods with a focus on sustainable management of forests. In the urban zones, there are valuable hardwood species like Mahogany, that have outgrown the space originally given to them, and due to a lack of resources, and to the lack of value in Puerto Rico’s hardwoods, they are, unbelievably, discarded as waste. Some of the trees cut by municipalities are protected by laws concerning endangered species, like Cuban Mahogany, or are in areas of special concern. The permitting system is stringent and if a tree needs to be removed there is generally a very good reason. All of the wood we supply will be responsibly sourced. We aim to recover practically all of the woody material considered as ‘waste’ and utilize or recycle it as a resource, creating employment, and an industry in tropical hardwoods that Puerto Rico does not currently possess. We have the ability to transform resources, currently considered and treated as “waste,” into valuable products that can be sold to foreign markets or contribute to other industrial processes on the island. We aim to create a timber collection that increases the value of little-known hardwoods, as currently NO real value for the use of fine hardwoods exists in Puerto Rico. We will also be set-up to collect and process advance protective-prunings in preparation of hurricanes, and fallen trees in the aftermath of a hurricane. An innovative business enterprise such as this can make important contributions to the process of sustainable forestry in this country, a small island. In this context, sustainability means the reduction, if not abolition, of waste, and further, enhancement and creation of methods of recycling and re-use. Tropical timbers have suffered and continue to suffer from negative images connected with tropical forest depletion. Positive publicity and educational programs to counter this are proposed, and it is not without irony, to note that in the initial phases of our venture we will not be entering forests to bring these valuable hardwoods to the market. We hope that you will come on this adventure with us and support sustainable forestry in Puerto Rico.