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BOTANICAL NAME: Hibiscus elatus

COMMON NAME: Mahoe, Majo

DESCRIPTION of WOOD: Mahoe sapwood is a pale cream color that polishes to high luster. Mahoe heartwood can be a rich variety of colors and has an attractive grain. Colors vary from tree to tree, with blue, grey, and purply tones. The wood transforms over time to deeper shades of browns, purples, greys, and bluey-greens. Mahoe is easy to work, and carves, turns, and sands well, finally taking a great polish. It is used for furniture, musical instruments, and in all fine woodworking projects. Mahoe is only available from the Caribbean

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Bucida buceras


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Reclaim, Reuse, Recycle

Hardwood trees are a renewable resource that are being cut down and wasted all over the small island of Puerto Rico. The wood from urban trees that are felled because they outgrew their original spaces, both under the ground, and in the air, are currently being discarded in landfills in PR. This is not sustainable practice, and not the way a small island should be treating its unique and precious natural resources. We hope to reduce the amount of wood being dumped. Wood is a most valuable resource that should be treated as such. We aim to recover practically all of the woody material considered as ‘waste’ and utilize or recycle it as a resource, creating employment, and an industry in tropical hardwoods that Puerto Rico does not currently possess.We have the ability to transform resources, currently considered and treated as “waste,” into valuable products that can be sold to domestic or foreign markets, or contribute to other industrial processes on the island. We aim to create a timber collection that increases the value of little-known hardwoods. We also aim to collect and process advance protective-prunings, in preparation of hurricanes, and fallen trees in the aftermath of a hurricane. Wood that has been dumped historically. Hardwoods are sought the world over and Puerto Rico should incorporate sustainable ethics with regard to the value of wood, and wood production on the island.


This trunk of Swietenia mahagoni, commonly known as Cuban or Dominican Mahogany, was reclaimed from the streets of Arroyo. It was destined for landfill.


Here from left to right Roble Blanco, Honduran Mahogany, Asian Walnut, and Cuban mahogany. All these woods have been saved from being dumped as trash in landfills. Wood is the ultimate all-purpose resource and has been the top choice for building and manufacturing for thousands of years. Its renewability, durability, versatility and availability cannot be matched by any other product. Wood is suited for more purposes than can be named. Untreated wood is 100% biodegradable, wood is cost effective, environmentally responsible, and naturally beautiful. Our business will be built around a renewable and recyclable resource and we recognize that to be the first of Puerto Rico’s hardwood distributors, we have an obligation to minimize our impact by making the environment an ongoing component of our business decisions. Sustainability isn’t just a marketing device; it is a practice that will  ensure the future of our business.

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