Caribbean Mahogany, Mahoe, Teak, Asian Walnut & many other species ready to be shipped to you!

We are proud to present to the world the finest woods from Puerto Rico.

Let us know your needs for that new wood project - we will help you make it real.

No Worries, Our Wood Comes From Trunks Which Otherwise Would Have Ended Up In The Dump.

Custom Cuts

Our experienced team will help you getting the right cut just for you. Contact us to start the evaluation of your project.

Our Mission

P.R. Hardwoods is dedicated to reducing waste of wood by reclaiming the trees destined to be dumped, and turning this ‘waste’ into valuable milled-hardwood.

We ship to USA

Contact us to quote your order, we offer various shipping alternatives from Puerto Rico.

You Can be Part of this!

Help us reduce wood waste by identifying trees that have been recently cut or need to be removed, and that have correct permits in place from the DRNA or OGPE. Trees do not belong in the dump or landfill - we can use the wood to develop a new enterprise in Puerto Rico.

The task of reclaiming this wood is something necessary and not being done. An innovative business enterprise such as this can make important contributions to the process of sustainable forestry in Puerto Rico, a small island. In this context, sustainability means the reduction, if not abolition, of waste, and further, enhancement and the creation of methods of recycling and re-use.


Sawmill Services

At PR Hardwoods we offer sawmill services at our facility in Patillas. We will help you maximize your time and your wood. Cost: $125 1st hour, $15 every 10 minutes. Price includes: 2 blades (extra blades $20 each), gas, oil, and full inspection of logs for nails and screws that can damage blades. We reserve the right to refuse any jobs.

Give us a call (787) 308-4588 or contact us by email: to make an evaluation appointment.


Municipal, State or Federal Government? Not A Problem!

We help government agencies by taking away tree trunks that get cut for public safety and maintenance purposes. Contractors, arborists and gardeners welcome.

We are seeking for partners and investors to help us develop and expand our enterprise!

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